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Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne – Jackson Browne (not a.k.a. “Saturate Before Using”) Jackson Browne says, “I always thought of album covers like a shield, the way Indians would dream up, literally dream, or imagine, or think of their “thing” that represented them and put that on their war shield. We used to spend a lot of time… Read more


Eagles – One Of These Nights

This was the fourth and last cover I made for Eagles. I am grateful for the amazing times we shared, from before they were signed to a record label to the crazy, psychedelic, American Indian Shaman magic, mind bending adventures on our trip to the desert for the first album cover. Historically hilarious. They are… Read more


Eagles – On The Border

This image was created by renowned Navajo artist Beatien Yazz. I bought the original at a rummage sale for a quarter without knowing it was an original painting or who the artist was. I just thought it was a beautiful thing. When it came time to create the artwork for On The Border I pulled… Read more


Neil Young – On The Beach

This is perhaps my favorite album cover I have ever made. Everything about it’s happening was magical and dramatic from finding the perfect yellow Cadillac convertible in the junk yard to cut the fender off of to going into the big discount men’s store to purchase the perfect Everyman circa 1972 polyester outfit, where, while… Read more


The Doors – Morrison Hotel

Ray Manzarek and his wife were driving around downtown LA and spotted the Morrison Hotel and thought it would be great for an album cover. So when I was asked to do the Doors cover, it was determined that the hotel would be our location. We all piled into John Densmore’s VW van and headed… Read more


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