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Monsters of Folk(Comments Off on Monsters of Folk)

December 31, 2009

Something unique to rock and roll bands is the very special and nearly impossible dynamic of several powerful creative artists collaborating and making it work as a group on all of the levels that the situation demands. It is fascinating in the extreme. Well, I never did get to make a cover for the Beatles… Read more

Neil Young Archives Vol. 1: Design

Neil and I first started talking about an unabridged box set of his life and music in 1989. But, as we started collecting materials we realized that we would have to break his project down into periods. There was just too much — too much music, too much history. And this archive began to take… Read more

Neil Young Archives Vol. 1: Sustainability

Neil and I are both big supporters of sustainability. We both have children and we often wonder what their world will be like, and what we can do to leave them with a habitable planet. So, keeping Neil’s Archiv es as environmental as possible was an important consideration from the start. From the beginning of… Read more

My Morning Jacket – Evil Urges

It never ceases to amaze me when magical sequences of events happen, are somehow tied together and make visible shifts in one’s life. A little earlier in the same year we made the cover for Conor in Mexico we were invited to collaborate with Jim James on a cover for one of our most favorite… Read more

Conor Oberst

I met Conor Oberst at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit a few years ago when his band, Bright Eyes, played the show. We instantly became friends and formed a bond that continues to grow stronger every day. In spite of Conor’s rigorous touring and my work schedule we have managed to spend a lot of… Read more


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