Lead, follow, or get out of the way.



My Morning Jacket – Evil Urges

It never ceases to amaze me when magical sequences of events happen, are somehow tied together and make visible shifts in one’s life. A little earlier in the same year we made the cover for Conor in Mexico we were invited to collaborate with Jim James on a cover for one of our most favorite… Read more


Conor Oberst

I met Conor Oberst at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit a few years ago when his band, Bright Eyes, played the show. We instantly became friends and formed a bond that continues to grow stronger every day. In spite of Conor’s rigorous touring and my work schedule we have managed to spend a lot of… Read more


Share The Vision 2005

In 2005, Gary was asked to re-imagine 14 classic album cover designs for a promotional book, printed with environmentally-sensitive production materials and processes, which led to a tour celebrating the art, music and vibe of their genesis.


Neil Young – Tonight’s The Night

[wpaudio: url=”http://garyburdenforrtwerk.com/audio/BT-clip.mp3″ text=”Tonight’s The Night” dl=”0″] This is one of the most interesting and deeply inspired packages I have been a part of making. It is filled with mystery and heavy drama that includes the death of a young man who was very close to Neil, the project, and all of us. Bruce Berry was… Read more


Steppenwolf – The Second

When I look at the Steppenwolf album covers I made, I did their first three or four, I think of a few important things. For the first time I was able to force my hand with the record company and get them to agree to my using special papers and effects on some of the… Read more


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