Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Neil Young – On The Beach

This is perhaps my favorite album cover I have ever made. Everything about it’s happening was magical and dramatic from finding the perfect yellow Cadillac convertible in the junk yard to cut the fender off of to going into the big discount men’s store to purchase the perfect Everyman circa 1972 polyester outfit, where, while… Read more

The Doors – Morrison Hotel

Ray Manzarek and his wife were driving around downtown LA and spotted the Morrison Hotel and thought it would be great for an album cover. So when I was asked to do the Doors cover, it was determined that the hotel would be our location. We all piled into John Densmore’s VW van and headed… Read more

Neil Young – Mirrorball

This beautiful painted typographic art work for the album made by Neil Young and Pearl Jam together (Wow!) is in the style of Rick Griffin and was created by a young LA artist named Emek. It is as good as anything created by any artist of “the day”. Emek idolized Rick’s artwork and that was… Read more

Eagles – Desperado

The band had a rock opera, concept album idea that was based around the song Desperado. They saw themselves living outside of the law just like the guys they were writing about. Not outlaws in the sense that we think about today, more of a Robin Hood thing. As Don Henley said, “We were young… Read more

Crosby, Stills & Nash

This is one of the first covers I ever made. In those days they demanded that you have certain things on the front of the record cover, like where it says stereo, the company logo and the type on the top. I tried to lay everything in so that it would be least conspicuous so… Read more


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